Friday, January 21, 2011

Kicking And Screaming Into This Century

Today I was talking to my mom. She said she would be calling me later to look up something up for her on the internet. I told her no problem but we really needed to get her and my dad a computer. She laughed and said they talk about it but my dad says "what do we need that for?"
I told her it would be nice if they joined the rest of the world in this century. Honestly, I might be pushing them too far. Just 4 years ago they bought their first ever answering machine. Last summer they up graded to voice-mail that they can't figure out and keep wondering why the dial tone is stuttering.
This past year they broke down and bought a cell phone.  They brought it up at Christmas time to have us put phone numbers in their phone book.
I suppose I shouldn't encourage the computer it would probably mean I would have to drive 3 hours once a week to figure out something or another that they needed help with.

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