Monday, June 20, 2011

Cooper And His Turtle

Cooper patrols are yard when he's outside. Yesterday he was barking and barking and barking. Brian finally went to see what had his attention.

I made Brian bring it into the garage to get a photo before he released him on the other side of our road. He was in his shell. I'm sure he was trying to get away from the barking. This is the second one Cooper has found.


Katherine said...

Oh wow what kind of turtle is that!! How neat you saved him. We get big snapping turtles around here once in a while from the water across the street. You normally find them in a pool or a pond. Your turtle has a smooth shiny shell - pretty! (I am so glad your dog saved you from such a scary creature!) ;)

Lisa said...

Hi Katherine,
Brian says it's a painted turtle. There is a lake across the road so they occasionally make their way over this way. We get snapping turtles sometimes too!
Cooper is a great watch dog! He would lick a thief throughout burglarizing our home.