Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wildlife:Baby Robins And Hawks

On July 29th I heard a commotion outside. There sat Cooper and Roxy sniffing at the ground and robins swooping around them squawking.  There was a baby robin on the ground. I look up and see a hawk. I suppose he heard all the noise, which must be a dinner signal.
I brought the dogs in hoping the robins would be able to get there baby back in the nest. I couldn't put it back because the nest was in a odd and very high place in a tree.
I went out an hour later and found this.
I think it's a hawk feather. The baby robin was still there and alive. So the robins must have ganged up on the hawk to chase it away. I decided to put the baby in a bowl and put by our shed so it would have a little shelter and the adult robins could still feed it.
It jumped out of the bowl...
When I checked the next morning I didn't see it anywhere, I hope the baby made it.

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