Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Widlife: Porcupine


Back on the 18th of July we had a commotion with Cooper. I let the trio out about 10:45. Sami always comes back first. She's afraid she might miss food (you never know when someone might decided to snack & then drop something.) True to form, Sami came in first.


Then Cooper will come in, followed by Roxy. As the youngest Roxy has the most energy to burn.

However on the 18th Roxy came in before Cooper and I, thinking how strange that was, went to our sliding glass door to find Cooper. Who sat on the deck with his butt the only thing in view. I opened the door and called to Cooper and saw quills all over his front paw.

Thank God Brian was home. I held Cooper and pet him while my paramedic husband practiced his job on our dog!
I hope Cooper remembers this animal and runs the other way every time he sees one!

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