Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Have My Eye On A New Toy

Someone recommend this to me. I have been thinking about it since.
 I did a little research and still cannot decide between the Kindle and the Nook.
I wonder if it would be an easier decision if I could try them both first or if I would still be going back and forth.
Brian asked me to look up a couple of textbooks for him to see if you could get those for the e reader. You can. Who knew?
Although then we'd have to get 2 or there would be arm wrestling matches for who gets to use it and when.

If anyone has one of these reader, please give me your 2 cents.


JustGenny said...

I don't have either but I just ordered my eReader. I went with the eMatic its generic but its only $80 (at walmart.com) so its not really as hard on your pocketbook. I originally was going to get the Kobo (from Borders) its only $100 but when I saw the ematic I had to have it. not only can you read eBooks but you can listen to music watch videos and listen to your favorite radio station AND it has a back light (something the Kobo seriously needs in my opinion)I'm sure you'll love either one which ever you decide (for some reason I thought I was reading somewhere online that walmart would let you try them out in stores I might be wrong but it couldn't hurt to ask)

Lisa said...

Genny, Let me know how you like the e reader. I am not terribly tech savvy so I am wondering where you can buy the books for this reader!?