Sunday, April 3, 2011


Roxy and Devin

We have 3 dogs. We adopted Cooper 2 years ago in June. He will be 2 years old this month. Happy Birthday Cooper! We did a trial adoption of Ace. Unfortunately Ace and Cooper had trouble getting along which was too bad, Ace is a good dog. 
However, in the interest of keeping the dogs safe we choice not to go through with the adoption. We thought perhaps a puppy might do better.

So here's Roxy. She's about 2 months old. She is a coon hound/shepard mix. So far Cooper is doing okay with her but gets a little rough as he still thinks he's a small lap dog.

Sami just stays out of the fray. She's a smart dog.


Breezers said...

hi, your blog layout looks great!! Following you- from the master list on Bonanza :O)

Katherine said...

You are doing what I WANT to do, but am too scared right now! When I adopted Emma, our deaf dalmatian, several people told me she would do better with another dog in the house. A deaf dog uses a hearing dog as his/her guide. The hearing dog can tell the dog when someone is at the door, when someone is happy, threatened, etc. I would love to have another dog with Emma, but so far I'm waiting a bit. Emma is wonderful but hard with her deafness. Another dog might make things really great, but yet it could make things a lot worse if they don't get along. Decisions decisions! You are awesome for rescuing!

Lisa said...

Hi Breezers I will be following you too!
Thank you!

Lisa said...

I recommend a trial adoption or foster first. Most shelters should allow this as with animals already in the house it's safer for all to give it a trial run.
It was really hard though to bring Ace back. In fact, I made my husband do it.