Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Thrifting

I spent the weekend with my son going to thrift stores in the area. He did fine while shopping but apparently he is worried about my driving skills. I have managed to scare Cooper. He won't get in the car with anyone with anymore.


Anyway I did manage to find a few things but I can't convince Devin to go back with me.

I love the tall glass in the middle but I am keeping the one to the right. My great-grandma use to have these small juice glasses. Nostalgia.


Anonymous said...

Cooper looks very much like my Mr. Z. (I blogged a whole post about him - mystery mutt.) Do you have any idea of his breeding?
Although since then Z has filled out to mini retriever size.
In your photo Garfield looks quite ominous - threatening, outright mean!
When my son wanted driving lessons I made him run me to rummage sales. Only thing is he would never park right in front.

Lisa said...

We got Cooper from our local animal shelter. They thought he was yellow lab/pit bull mix. He is very sweet.

Garfield does look mean doesn't he? Perhaps that's how he looks right before he pushes Odie off the couch! :)