Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's About The Money

I don't have a problem spending money frivolously. In fact I am good at buying things I don't need but really want. I, however, will complain bitterly about the cost of red peppers, coffee, soda, laundry soap and many other everyday things. I think I inherited that from my mom who refused to pay more than $1.00 for a head of  lettuce.

The only difference between a green pepper and a red pepper is how long you let it grow. If you leave a green pepper in the garden long enough you will  have beautiful red bell peppers!  I can get a green pepper for fifty cents and red peppers are over $4.00 a pound. For all I know they come out the same price because I have never weighed them. It's seeing that number four with the big dollar sign in front of it.

I started making my own laundry soap because spending $10.00 on soap seemed outrageous. I found this recipe on this site which I still use. Make your own laundry soap.

Then I thought if I could make your own laundry soap could I come up with my own dishwasher soap. Oh yes. There are a whole lot of do it yourself recipes online. I can't remember where I found this one but it works:
1 Cup Borax
1 Cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
1/2 Cup Salt (it's suppose to be coarse salt... I use regular old salt)
I add vinegar in the rinse do-hickey. ( you know what I mean?)

Then I found Pinterest! Oh, the ideas.
Fabric Softener- I don't add essential oils
Household cleaner(like 409)
and last so far:
I replaced my swiffer mop and having to buy those wet pads. I bought a O-cedar mop and make my own floor cleaner. I skip the essential oils, The vinegar smell doesn't last long and doesn't bother me.

One day I need to start a garden and grow my own damn red peppers.

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