Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trying To Catch Up

I am back to a quiet house and am now playing catch up. I listed more of the clowns from my mom's collection that she is giving up. Is that a shameless plug? Or do I need to add the URL  ( Any how I still need to take pictures of a whole lot more and list that as well.

Not to mention the shopping I did. So I'll have to post a picture here of my haul. I love looking and buying, even though I really don't need anymore inventory. Not to mention the temptation to keep a few things for myself. Brian's thrilled. ( How do you get sarcasm to come through the written word?).

 And today's picture.

I have old sheets and blankets covering my couch because Roxy and Cooper love playing out in the rain and mud. I have to push Sami out the door she doesn't like getting wet. I try to tell her she won't melt but I don't think she believes me. There is nothing like the smell of wet dog to let you know spring has finally arrived!

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